Playing Slot Machines for Free

When I first started gambling, it was card games that I preferred. I would play it with family, friends, and co-workers regularly. My favorite games were poker and blackjack and I’m proud to say that I became quite good at it, good enough to win a few hands at casino tables and online games. But I soon realized that I was getting a little tired of card games and so I explored some options that many casinos offer. I tried roulette a few times and it was enjoyable as well. Then I gave a few spins at some casino’s slot machines and I was hooked. It has a totally different gameplay than that card games that I’m used to. Soon, I started playing slots at online casinos. I started first with playing for free and for anyone who just enjoys the game; it’s more than enough to entertain.

Slots for Free

A simple Google search will show any interested players a whole host of online casinos that offer free spins games. A lot of these sites require no registration and no downloads. In some cases, players can even win cash just by playing these free slots.

No Wager Slots

Many online casinos offer free games with very low or no wager requirements. Casinos usually earn their profit through wager requirements which they impose in their bonuses and free spins. Some casinos have requirements that are quite difficult to fulfill but there are some casinos, as part of their promotion, that allows players to play their slots for free, usually within a given timeframe or condition. They offer this in the hopes of betting more players to try their games and become interested in it and keep coming back. Hopefully, after a few games, they decide to sign up and bet real money.


There are a few online casinos who give free house credit to new players when they first sign up. This is their way of enticing them to explore the available games they offer at the same time increasing the number of people signing up to their casino. Each casino has different conditions, of course. Some casinos will only limit the number of games players can play, while others give players credit that they can use across all gaming platform. One thing that players should remember is to read the Terms & Condition page carefully so they know exactly the contract they’re agreeing to upon sign up.

No Deposit Bonus

A few casinos offer first-time players this promo. This means players could jump right into playing slots without having to make any deposit. The great thing about this is any winnings that a player accumulates because of the promo is theirs for the taking, they don’t need to give a cut of their winnings to the casino. This, coupled with a no wager requirement means players could maximize all the winnings they achieve without spending any money at all. It’s important to note that these two features offered together are pretty rare so one has to be patient in sifting through all the other promotions before finding the right one.